supporting Massachusetts dentists since 1980

CDAP is a component of Dentists Concerned for Dentists, Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that was founded to address substance use problems among dentists and dental students. CDAP provides resources to those who voluntarily seek our services, and is designed to monitor those in need of recovery from substance use disorders. 

Participation with CDAP is voluntary. We do not force our services on any dentist who does not want them. CDAP will strongly urge a doctor who is ill to get help, and we will suggest specific treatment options. We respond to the concerns of families, colleagues, and hospitals by providing coordinated interventions and referrals to treatment.

Alan Budd, DMD is the Director of CDAP. With the help of associates located throughout Massachusetts, Dr. Budd assists dentists, dental students, and family members of dentists who may be at risk.

Basic Tenets

Substance use and other behavioral/mental health disorders may impair a dentist’s ability to practice safely. All dentists have an ethical obligation to urge chemically impaired colleagues to seek treatment. Dentists with first-hand knowledge that a colleague is practicing dentistry when so impaired have an ethical responsibility to report such evidence to the professional assistance committee of a dental society.

Substance use and other behavioral/mental health disorders are diseases, not moral failings or character defects. Dentists who are affected by these diseases are just as worthy of help and compassion as those who suffer from any other illness. Treatment of these disorders is best done with confidentiality, without which impaired dentists will only reluctantly seek help. Furthermore, confidentiality is mandated by federal law. The members of DHWC attempt in every case to balance the safety of the public and the rights of the impaired dentist.