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Dentist Health & Wellness Committee 

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 We Are Here to Help

The Massachusetts Dentist Health and Wellness Committee (DHWC) is a group of dentists who volunteer their time to provide confidential support and assistance to fellow dental professionals who feel they might have a problem with drugs, alcohol, or mental health issues.

Even if your problems seem insurmountable, we encourage you to call. We have been there. We are here to listen, provide support and suggestions, and to help you get your life back. You can contact us via our confidential help-line at (800) 468-2004.

News and Current Events

Date: Spring, 2015

Annual Appreciation Dinner

Massachusetts Dental Society, Southborough, MA

Effective January 1, 2015 Dr. Alan Budd elected committee Chair and interim-Program Director

Dentist Health and Wellness Committee
provides ongoing,
confidential support for colleagues with alcohol and substance abuse problems, including:

  • referral to treatment centers, addiction and mental health providers
  • support groups for dentists and their families
  • advocacy for return to practice

We also provide a safe environment where dentists can talk to other dentists about the stress and demands of clinical practice. Issues often relate to:

  • stress of managing a dental practice
  • financial pressures
  • work/family balance

If you wish to refer a colleague, or if you are in need of help, DHWC strongly encourages you to call us directly at (800) 468-2004. Phone inquiries are handled with tact and understanding. We are motivated, above all, with maintaining confidentiality.